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Letter to babysitter for childs schedule

Dear Connie

This is our schedule for the evening as well as all contact information you need for emergancies.

My husband and I will be going to dinner with Jane and Curt Russell at Havard's. From there we will be going to the Hometown Theater to catch Batman and then to have a few drinks. We are planning to be home around midnight.

All of the children have been fed dinner, but CJ and Amanda are allowed a small snack of fruit or a small slice of pie with milk. They usually have their snacks while watching their two hours of television or movies. They will show you where their collection of approved movies are located.

Becky will usually fall asleep on the couch watching TV. Amanda will go to sleep at her normal bedtime of 9PM. CJ will insist on having a chapter of Harry Potter read to him before he will go to sleep. At nine o'clock no one is exempt, all children are in bed, lights out.

If you feel like getting a snack later help yourself to anything we have in the refrigerator. Please keep the house phone open as we will probably call to check in. We will have our cell phones with us. Here are the emergency numbers should you need them.

My cell #000-000-0000
Stan's cell #000-000-0000
Harvard's #000-000-0000
Boston's (Nightclub) #000-000-0000

We will see you later tonight.

Karen Hill-Myers