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Letter to a relative about repayment of a loan

Dear Allen

I am writing to you on behalf of your brother. It really concerns me that I must write to you about a subject which has already been discussed. When you lost your job we had no problem providing a loan for you to support yourself. Your brother volunteered his own savings. With a year gone by, you seem to be no further towards employment or being able to repay the loan.

Your parents are seriously worried about you, and the strain the loan has placed on your brother. They are too old to be worried about the actions, or inaction, of their children. Your brother has need of the money to help pay bills in his own home, but he does not wish to push you about the loan.

Your family loves you, please know this. We will continue to offer as much support as we can. Unfortunately the financial support must come to an end. Please contact me as soon as you can.