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Letter thanking veterinary staff

Alice Grace Parry, D.V.M.
Hometown Animal Hospital
Hometown MI

Dear Dr. Parry

I would like for you to offer your staff our family's heartfelt thanks for the care they gave to our beloved Cherico at the end of his long feline life. While our children were not completely caught off guard by the need to let our Tiger cat pass, they were still having a rough time of it when we brought him into your care.

Both of the children, my wife and I appreciate the care and attention your staff gave to our small family member. We also greatly appreciate the way in which we were treated while we were there.

Our daughters would like to thank you also for the sympathy card which your staff sent to us as well. On behalf of Cherico they have created a care fund to provide aid to shelter animals since this is where Cherico came from.

Karen Hill