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Letter suggesting a job contact

Mark Homer
2000 Michigan St.
Hometown OH

Dear Mark

I was both surprised and glad to hear from you again after these few years. Just days ago some of the people around the office were talking about where they started and what changed. I couldn't help but remember our meetings in the morning like you mentioned. The morning meetings haven't changed.

As far as the commercial insurance division, here is what I know about it; they are indeed expanding rapidly. We recently acquired two smaller agencies and will need more experienced people to handle the accounts. The smaller units will be serving as feeder agencies to bring more work to the main division.

Most of the people I can remember from that unit are long gone. I checked my company directory, and did find two people who are still there. One is Anthony Lucy, who has been there forever it seems. The other is Malcolm Jamal who started as a salesman and now runs the merger operations. You might remember him as the tall guy who kept asking Betty Wingspan out. They're married I think. I talked to both of them, and yes they still both remember you. I told them you were considering coming home again. Anthony said you can have some of his workload. Malcolm asked if you had any experience with taking over open accounts. I would suggest that you send over a letter and a CV in the mail to the commercial insurance division and place it to the attention of either of those men.

Linda Dean