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Letter submitting a claim under buyer protection plan

Customer Service
Acme MasterCard
Hometown VA

RE: Account Number 000-000-0000-0000

Dear Customer Service

I am writing this letter to formally file a claim under your Buyer Protection Plan which I enrolled in upon getting the card.

I purchased a new digital camera, a Zikon F450, from their website approximately three weeks ago. I used the card to pay for the purchase. When I received the camera, it appeared to be in working condition. After one day of use, it malfunctioned in various ways. I have since notified the manufacturer who instructed me to claim the camera under my card's purchase agreement. I was also told to return the camera in the original packaging.

I have since returned the camera, and have the email with instructions from Zikon. I am enclosing the purchase receipt, the return email, and the credit card statement which shows a purchase of $109.99, the price of the camera.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Beth Carvell