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Letter seeking job related assistance with moving

Rudy Sanford
Human Resources Department
Paxar Technologies Inc.
Hometown PA

Dear Ms. Sanford

I have recently been offered a position with Paxar as a Quality Control Supervisor. I have accepted this position and am scheduled to begin work March 16.

I have been in communication with Marty Hazard concerning the moving of my family from Ohio to Pennsylvania. He recommended that I contact you as soon as possible to arrange for assistance in the moving arrangements.

At this time, I am sure we will need a moving van to haul our belongings from our current apartment to a storage facility. We will need a storage unit big enough to fit a two bedroom apartment as well. We are planning to spend approximately two weeks staying in a furnished home Mr. Hazard helped us locate. We will then also need a moving van to help move our belongings from storage into our new home once we find it.

Our children are not yet school age, so there is no need for locating schools yet. I would appreciate any assistance you can offer such as references to real estate agents, apartment complexes, known landlords, and any other possible advice about Hometown that you would feel we might need.

My wife, Ann, is going to be handling all of the logistics of the move. She can be reached at (000)000-0000. This is her cell phone.

Thanks for your time and assistance during this situation.

Robert Anthony