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Letter seeking information on vegetarian meals

Student Dining Services
Hometown University
Hometown CT

Dear Dining Services Manager

I am going to be attending Hometown University beginning this upcoming fall semester. I have received a copy of your meal plans, which I have reviewed with my parents as your general information packet recommends, so that we can best choose the plan which suits my needs. As we looked over the plans, we saw many items such as pizza, deli sandwiches, both Asian and Indian foods, as well as meat dishes.

The problem that we found is that there is no mention of vegetarian items among the menu choices. This is a requirement for me as I have been a vegetarian since I was 14. Are vegetarian items served at the dining halls with each meal?

Please respond at your earliest convenience. I need to resolve this issue as the deadline for picking a meal plan is near and I do not want my parents paying for food that I cannot or will not willingly eat.

Barb Haeffer