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Letter seeking information about moving into dorms

Office of Student Life
Community University
West Hometown VA

Dear Student Life Office

As an incoming freshman this fall to Community University from Ohio I have limited knowledge of the living quarters on campus. While I have read the information which has been sent as part of the welcome package issued to all freshmen, I have found that I need further information on certain concerns.

Since I am coming from Ohio, my parents are taking the first weekend of admission to bring me to school. We have limited space in the car we will be traveling in. Because of this situation I will be needing to ship some of my items to the dorm by United Parcel. My first question is if I need to be at the dorm when the UPS driver arrives with my packages? My second question is how to I provide directions and a ground address to my dorm room? I have been assigned room 302 in West Hill Commons. Do you have a policy concerning shipping items to a dorm room?

Thank you. I appreciate your time and consideration in helping me resolve these questions.

Bethany Isaac