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Letter Seeking Information About Medical Facilities Aboard a Ship

Customer Relations
White Star Line Cruises
San Francisco CA

Dear Customer Relations Office

My brother and others of our family are considering taking a cruise this fall, and your company was one of the cruises recommended by our travel agent.
The concern that I wish to raise is this; my brother had a mild heart attack two months ago, and is currently on medication. He will most likely still be on medication when we take the cruise. His doctor said he will be fit to travel. Before I consider booking a trip, I would like to know more about the medical facilities aboard your ships.

This last time it was not. Fortune Insurance allows a copayment of $15 for use of generic drugs to fill prescriptions. They charge a sliding scale of up to $45 for name brand drugs. I am guessing my husband did not notice the charge when he picked up the prescription for me. I do not like paying for pretty little pills and fancy TV advertising.

While I am sure there will be a ships physician on board, I am wondering about the following concerns: is there an EKG machine on board along with personnel who can use it and interpret the readings? Is the hospital on board able to conduct exams and then transmit the results to my brother's doctor? Will his doctor be able to communicate with the ships physician if changes are needed to his medication or other treatment? Finally, what are the procedures for when a person requires more extensive medical treatment than the ships hospital can provide?
Thank you for your time and consideration in responding to our concerns. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Marvin Mathers