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Letter Seeking Information About Handicapped Public Transportation

Customer Relations
Home County Public Transit Authority
Hometown PA

Dear Manager

My wife and I have recently moved into your coverage area. Since we are both in our 70's we no longer drive much. There are days when we would like to go shopping and are in need of the public transit system. When we lived in a larger city they had vans and busses which could accommodate special needs such as walkers and wheelchairs.

This last time it was not. Fortune Insurance allows a copayment of $15 for use of generic drugs to fill prescriptions. They charge a sliding scale of up to $45 for name brand drugs. I am guessing my husband did not notice the charge when he picked up the prescription for me. I do not like paying for pretty little pills and fancy TV advertising.

I am writing to ask if you have similar accommodations for your service here in Hometown. If you could please send us information concerning these accommodations and how we could make use of them, as well as any requirements for their use, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your consideration.

Ben Fine