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Letter seeking bids from moving companies

Acme-Ace Moving and Storage
5000 Home Road
Hometown NY

Dear Movers

My wife and I are planning on moving from our longtime residence of 800 Street Road in North Hometown, to 1540 Street Avenue in Upper Hometown. We are planning to move sometime in July.

At this time we are soliciting bids from various local moving companies which have been recommended to us. Your company was one of these.

We are seeking bids for the moving of packed boxes, furniture, washer, dryer, tools, a freezer, and carpeting from a two story residence. These items need to be moved, during the same day, to our new residence. Once in the new residence the items will need to be placed in the proper rooms safely for unpacking. The furniture will need to be placed in the general area where it will rest.

We need someone to come to our current house to provide a written estimate, a list of fees and deposits, and an estimated date when you will be available to do the move. You can call me at (000)000-0000 to arrange an appointment.

Bob Harriman