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Letter requesting the services of an estate planner

Alice P. Gorman
Gorman Financial Services
Hometown PA

Dear Ms. Gorman

Our family has recently discussed the need to prepare for the unfortunate, yet inevitable, passing of our mother. While we would like to keep the handling of the estate within the family, we have realized that this is no longer possible. None of the adult children live in the state where our mother resides, and our father recently passed earlier this year. With his passing we began to understand the large amount of work involved with estate planning; especially from a long distance.

I would like to have a description and fee schedule of your services for our consideration. Our mother lives in the community that you do business in so it would be a local account for you.

Please contact me at the address above or call (000)000-0000 to discuss your proposal and arrange for a consultation.

Alvin Hayes