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Letter requesting review of policies from a new agency

Mark Whittle
Acme Insurance Agency
Hometown OH

Dear Mr. Whittle

I will be moving from Michigan to Ohio within the coming weeks. As such I need to move my insurance policies to a new agent. Your company was recommended by the real estate agent who found my new house.

Please find enclosed the copies of my families current policies covering home, auto, life, property, and pets. I would like for you to go over each of these and consider if any should be up-graded, changed, cancelled, or replaced. We would like to go for the most cost effective replacements your agency has available.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience once you have reviewed the polices and found reasonable replacements. You can send the proposal to our address listed above or to my email at mayard@example.com.

Thank you for your time and effort.

Paul Mayard