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Letter requesting reimbursement for missing hardware

Customer Service Department
Home Supplies Company
Hometown IN

Dear Service Manager

Recently I have purchased a bathroom vanity from your store in our community. You will find a copy of the sales receipt enclosed. You will also find a copy of the parts listing which came in the box.

After bringing the vanity into the house and setting it up, we discovered the following pieces were missing; the locking ring to connect the plumbing, the caulk to seal the rings, and several screws to hold hardware in place.

Since returning the vanity to your store at the time was a large inconvenience, I opted instead to purchase the needed material from a plumbing supply store nearby. The cost of the materials totaled $20.52.

I would like to have Home Supplies Company refund me for the added expense of purchasing material which should have been included in the package. The only other option is for me to return a slightly used unit to your store for a full refund. You can credit my charge account since this is how I paid for the vanity.

Howard Boswell