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Letter requesting reassignment of child to another class

Allen Murray, Ph.D.
Hometown Elementary School
Hometown PA

Dear Dr. Murray

I am writing to make a request that my daughter, Amanda, be moved to a different fifth grade classroom, and that we meet to discuss options to remedy this situation.

Amanda has been the subject of daily teasing from some of the other students in Ms. Chandler's classroom. It is making our daughter miserable and unable to learn.

This problem began at the beginning of the school year. I have been in contact with Ms. Chandler by letter, and she has met with both myself and my husband to discuss the situation two weeks ago. The problem has not been resolved nor has it lessened in severity.

With it being a month now into the school year, and with Amanda still being the target other children, I am asking that she be moved to another classroom as quickly as possible so that she does not fall still farther behind with her schoolwork and her grades suffer permanent damage.

One of the reasons we choose Hometown as our new community was because of the strong recommendations we received about the schools. I am considerably disappointed that a school teacher could not settle a problem as basic as one child being cruel to another child.

I look forward to hearing from you soon to schedule a meeting and discuss Amanda's new class assignment.

Kathy Fielding