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Letter requesting political introduction

Rachael Royal
Hometown NH

Dear Rachael

For many years I have sat on the sidelines while others do the work. I've voted in all the elections that I was able, sent along my contributions to candidates I cared about, stuffed envelopes and worked the polls.

Now, I find myself wanting to do more for the people around me. As you are probably aware, Mark Rothman is planning to announce his retirement from politics at the end of this term from County Commissioner. I am giving serious consideration to making a run for his position.

With my background in accounting and business management, I believe I could handle the position and responsibilities well. I also have some good ideas that I think would work well for this county. I would like to run a few of these ideas past a well acquainted politician such as yourself.

And, of course, I would like to have the backing of the Hometown Citizen's Association. I am hoping you will be willing, and able, to arrange a few introductions and advise me on viable campaign strategy and tactics.

I have always admired your ability and reputation for many years Rachael. Any help which you can give me would be most valuable.

Dave Roote