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Letter requesting meeting with child's grad school teacher

Mrs. Sarah Rothchild
Hometown Elementary School
Hometown PA

Dear Mrs. Rothchild

I would like to make an appointment to meet with you to discuss a joint effort to resolve my daughter's problem in school this year.

As you are aware, she is a conscientious student. The problem seems to be that she is overwhelmed by the workload, and more importantly the amount of time she spends on homework each day.

She comes home from school and there are nights she spends up to two hours in a night working through homework. She has also worried about if she should do more. I believe she is bringing too much pressure upon himself at such a young age. I need your help in getting him to understand that he is doing well and does not need to be so focused on achieving beyond what has been assigned.

I am sure we agree that neither of us want to discourage a good student who has a good amount of potential. But we would both want the child to enjoy school and her life outside of school as well.

If you could call me at 000-000-0000 at your convenience to set a time for us to meet, it would be appreciated.

Margaret Kent