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Letter requesting help for classroom problem

Renee Chandler
Hometown Elementary School
Hometown PA

Dear Ms. ChandlerMy daughter, Amanda, is a student in your fifth grade class. We have been looking forward to meeting you during the parent-teacher conferences being held next month.

However, because of an issue with our daughter which has come to our attention recently, I would like to ask if we could set up a meeting with you for this coming week if it is possible for you.

When we moved to the community over the summer, Amanda left behind a number of good friends and was very apprehensive about starting over in a new school. We spent a great amount of time assuring her that when she started school in this community should would find new friends and other fun things to do.

Unfortunately, from the first day of classes we have noticed that Amanda was having a problem with several children in the class who have chosen to tease her constantly. Amanda comes home upset every day and asks the next day if she has to go back, every time.

I am sure you would not tolerate such behavior if you knew about it. We hope that you will be willing to intervene now. My husband and I would like to meet with you to discuss the best options to handle this situation.

Knowing my daughter as I do, I am sure that if given the chance, she will fit in and do well at this school.

Kathy Fielding