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Letter requesting assistance from relocation agent

AnnMarie Gunther
Thomas Zinn Realty
1000 Avenue Road
Hometown PA

Dear Ms. Gunther

Your real estate agency came highly recommended by Rudy Sanford of the Human Resources Department at Paxar Technologies. I have recently been hired at Paxar as a Quality Co0ntrol Supervisor and am planning to start my job there as of March 16. My family and I are moving from Ohio and need help relocating to Hometown.

I am looking for something that can take two small children, both pre-school age, one cat and two adults. Once we have moved into our new home, my wife is planning on seeking work at one of the community veterinary clinics as she is a certified vet tech and office manager. We would like to find something with a yard for the children, and possibly a back porch. Since this will be our first home in your community, we are seeking entry-level prices where we can build up to afford a larger residence later.

I would prefer not to spend more than 45 minutes traveling each way. My wife can handle only about half an hour as we will also be traveling to and from day care.

My wife, Ann, is handling the logistics of the move. You can reach her at (000)000-0000 to discuss options.

Robert Anthony