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Letter requesting a review of previous bill

Billing Department
Acme Cable Television Service
Hometown CA

Dear Billing Department

The latest bill for service arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon. There are charges on this bill which I do not understand. A copy of my bill is attached with this letter.

The first issue are the multiple charges for Pay-Per-View programs which we did not order. Two of these programs are for adult content, and our cable services as well as the television are equipped to block these programs. These amounts are for $19.95 each with a total of $79.80.

Also an issue is a charge of $21.95 for a premium movie channel when we subscribe to standard service. Again we do not subscribe to any movie channels as a way to cut costs and limit television viewing of our children.

I would like someone to review these charges and send a revised billing statement as soon as possible.

Alfred J. Hitch