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Letter requesting a recommendation for sports scholarship

Howard Eversell, Baseball Coach
Community West High School
Hometown MD

Dear Mr. Eversell

As you are probably aware, I have applied to Hometown College in Hometown NC for the fall. I would like to continue playing the game of baseball while at college because I love the game.

I have been in contact with both the Office of Admissions, and the Athletic Department about sports scholarships. They have sent me a few applications and I intend to apply for at least one scholarship at HC. As a part of my scholarship application, I need a letter of recommendation from my coach to be included in the package.

I am asking if you would please write a letter of recommendation for me. The college would like to know about my experience with the team and how well my skills are in playing baseball. The coach of the college baseball team values both leadership qualities and dedication when it comes to academics and sports.

I am hoping you will write about my position as co-captain and as a long time second baseman for our team. I am also enclosing a copy of my transcript which shows an overall GPA of 3.5.

I want to thank you for your support and guidance through high school and on the baseball diamond. You have given me many reasons to love the sport even more than I did when I first came to you as a young freshman.

Mark Davies