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Letter of support for friend who lost their job

Danny Potter
Hometown OH

Dear Danny

I just heard about the layoffs at Ajax Foundries, and am truly sorry that you are among those who were let go after years of service. As you probably know, about a year ago I was a part of the wave of unemployed that swept through Paxar Technologies when they reorganized their product divisions. They announced the move as a 'downsizing' and 'move toward better economy' but as far as I am concerned, a layoff is a layoff.

In any case, I looked at this adversity as something to gain strength from. I took the opportunity (along with the unemployment checks) to rethink my goals and ambitions and embark on a new path in my career.

I am sure you will land on your feet soon enough. If you need someone to help brainstorm ideas please call me. I am willing to help in any way I can.

Allen Evens