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Letter of invitation to a speaker

Ken Morris, Ph.D.
Horticulture Department
College of Natural Sciences
Hometown University
Hometown GA

Dear Dr. Morris

The steering committee of the Hometown Flower and Garden Society would be honored if you would be willing to accept an invitation to speak at our first fundraising event for the 2009 season.

Your lectures on horticulture and community cultivation efforts have become a much talked about subject among our members. We would be thrilled to have you share your thoughts on how the Flower and Garden Society can achieve its best year every this year.

The meeting is set to be held at the Parry House Banquet Facility on Tuesday April 7th, and will start at 11AM. A delicious lunch is set to follow the business meeting of the Society around noon. We are hoping you will be available to speak with us for approximately 30 minutes after the meal and would be willing to answer some questions which I know our members will be wanting to ask.

Please let me know of any special requirements that you may need. We can provide a laptop and PowerPoint projector for any visuals you may have. We can also offer a ride from your office to the event and back again.

Please let me know if this is acceptable to you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Lynn Kinby