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Letter of concern for safety issue on college campus

Office of Campus Security
Hometown University
West Hometown NC

Dear Security Staff

This past week we took our daughter Samantha to her dorm at Harris Hall. We are very familiar with the layout of the University as this is only one of our children to attend school here. This is why I became concerned when I noticed a decrease in security measures around campus.

The first security issue I noticed was that many of the outside lights around campus were not lit. This made both my daughter and myself uncomfortable knowing that there are dimly lit areas which she would have to walk after classes or other events at night.

The next issue was the fact that the front door of the dorm she was assigned too was open to anyone who wished to enter the building. I know as a fact in past years each student required a card key to enter the dorm or was admitted by security personnel. There was no such measure in place on our arrival.

I am hoping that the University will be taking steps to correct these oversights quickly to ensure the safety of all its students.

Michele O'Shea