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Letter of complaint to landlord about neighbor

Hanna Hill, Manager
Sherwood Apartment Complex
Hometown NJ

Dear Hanna

I have recently moved into the apartment complex, unit 2022, and have enjoyed my new home from day one. However I do have a concern about one of my neighbors.

It seems as though there are more people taking up residence in apartment 2030 than I think is allowed by the lease terms for these apartments. The reason for this is that I have both seen and heard multiple persons in this apartment. This is a studio apartment and I have counted up to six persons there at any one time. Two of these people are young children.

From what I understand of the lease agreements, no more than two people are allowed to occupy a studio apartment at any given time. And as with all leases tenants must notify the management if any new persons move in.

If it wasn't for the noise of the foot traffic and the vehicles outside, I might not have noticed the amount of people.

Please look into this situation and let me know if my observation is correct.

Carla Hamm