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Letter of complaint about a school policy

Ann Horton
Hometown Senior High School
Hometown NH

Dear Mrs. Horton

I am writing to voice my displeasure with a dangerous and disruptive policy at the Senior High School. I am referring to the mad noontime dash of seniors driving to pick up lunch.

I don't see the value in allowing seventy teenagers to get in their cars in the middle of the day, dash to a fast food establishment, and hurry back to the school. For those who don't leave, the drivers take orders and collect money, spending a considerable amount of time in class just planning for lunch.

The lunch time break only lasts for a 45 minute period. These young people are not experienced enough to handle all of the traffic and weather conditions they will encounter and still make it back in time for their first class of the afternoon.

I believe this practice began as a reward for good grades and special achievements. Since then it has escalated to being considered an upperclassmen's right.

I feel that this was a bad idea in the first place and has only gotten worse over time. Students should be concentrating on their class work, not on racing to the nearest McDonald's.

I would be happy to meet with you and the school board to discuss alternatives in this matter.

Virginia Prude