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Letter of acceptance of invitation to speak

Lynn Kinby
Hometown Flower and Garden Society
Hometown GA

Dear Ms. Kinby

I want to thank you for your gracious invitation to be guest speaker at your kickoff fundraiser event for the Hometown Flower and Garden Society. I am more than happy to accept this invitation.

I would like to offer as a topic 'Space Conservation and Utilization for Backyard Gardening'. This is a subject which I know well from practicing its principles at my own home. I will bring along a disc with charts and pictures to show everyone. The offer of the laptop and Power Point projector is appreciated and accepted. I would like to have someone help with the set up of this equipment as I am not familiar with every projector available.

Concerning your gracious offer to provide a ride from my office to the event, I would like to kindly decline as I am used to riding a bicycle to where I need to be. I do appreciate the offer. I would like to ask if someone could send me directions to the event.

In regards to lunch, I am a vegan and usually avoid meat if possible. I am fine with fish and dairy, and prefer fresh vegetables and fruit. Is it possible to have a meal arranged to meet these needs?

Ken Morris, Ph.D.
Horticulture Department
College of Natural Sciences
Hometown University
Hometown GA