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Letter notifying tenant's intent to sublet

Adam East Hometown MI

Dear Adam

This is in reference to unit 1B of 4141 East Road.

I am writing to notify you that I am planning to sublet my apartment until the end of my current lease. This is permitted under the lease agreement that I have with you. I am doing this so as not to break my lease and cause legal problems for each of us.

As of February 25, 2009 the apartment will be rented by Mi Lin Han. I have enclosed the required form for a sublease which was provided by the management office.

I understand that I am responsible for any monthly lease payments and property of the landlord while my lease remains in effect until the end of the year. I have made Ms. Han aware of this, and have provided her with a copy of the lease terms. You can contact Ms. Han at (000)000-0000 to speak to her directly.

Carrie Hand