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Letter notifying tenant's intent to move

Maureen Whalen
Applegate Apartments
Hometown OH

Dear Maureen

This letter is in reference to 400 Maple Street, apartment 6. The lease to this unit expires on February 25, 2009. I do not intend to renew my lease at that time. I am formally submitting my 30 day notice as required in the lease agreement that I will be vacating the apartment either on or before that date.

I am moving closer to work and have found a place in the town where my job is. I understand that the apartment will need to be inspected for damage before I am released from my lease agreement. I will contact you with an approximate day when I will be able to meet with you for the inspection and to hand over the keys. If you need to show the apartment before I leave, please let me know when the showing will be.

Thank you for your consideration. I have enjoyed living here.

Carrie Hand