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Letter granting authority to accountant to disclose information

Allen George Parry, Public Accountant
Parry and Associates
100 Main Street
Hometown VA

Dear Mr. Parry,

We have started looking into refinancing our home through local mortgage companies. We have done this due to our financial picture isn't improving as you are well aware. We have been told we will need to disclose most of our financial information for anyone to make a decision about our loan.

With this in mind, I am formally authorizing you to release any needed information to any mortgage companies that ask for specific information. This does not include companies who are looking for general information or simply fishing. I have given five companies our general information with our application. These five are listed below.

Hudson & Branch Brokers
Mortgage First Inc.
Niemen Mortgage Co.
Acme Mortgage Service
Ranch & Card Associates

Thank you for your help in this matter.

Mark Hall