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Letter donating computer software to a school

Frank Newman
Community West High School
Hometown CT

Dear Principal Newman

As you are aware, our daughter Samantha is graduating from CWHS this June. She will be the last one out of the house. This has led us to start looking around to find what we have collected through the years of having five children in the house.

Some of the many items we have found among the boxes and packages is a huge amount of educational software that has been used by our children over the years. There is a great variety of programs including reading and math skills, a large history collection, another large set of science programs, and an entire box full of both SAT and ACT prep material. There are also Cliff Notes and other self-help study guides here.

The list of software is included and we know that all of it is still compatible with current PC's and was used on both Windows and Mac platforms. The instruction manuals are also here and are available.

My wife and I would be more than happy to let the school system have this software as we feel you would have better use of it than we would. Please let me know how you want to proceed.

Morgan Freed