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Letter contesting credit card service charge

Billing Department
Acme MasterCard
Hometown VA

Re: Account Number 0000-0000-0000-0000

Dear Billing Department

I am writing to dispute a service charge which appeared on my most recent statement of February. The statement lists a charge of $10 for not paying the minimum amount due. You list my last payment as $149.56, which is a mistake on my part since it matches the check I wrote. The minimum amount due was $149.66, a difference of ten cents.

While this is an obvious clerical error on my part, I cannot see how you would charge a $10 service fee for ten cents. On top of that, I notice that you have added the service charge to the total and are now also charging interest on that $10.

Please remove the service fee as I intend to make up for the difference with this next payment. Thank you.

Morgan Freed