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Letter contesting credit card purchase

Billing Department
Acme MasterCard
Hometown VA

Re: Account Number 0000-0000-0000-0000

Dear Billing

I am writing to formally contest the charge of $350 made on February 20, 2009 for a purchase at Clock & Co which appears on my most recent statement.

While I will state that I was at Clock & Company on the date mentioned, I did not make a purchase for $350. I did make a purchase of $14.48 for a small table lamp which I placed in my living room. That charge is listed directly above the $350 charge. I also notice that the charges are listed as being made an hour apart. At the time of the second purchase, I was already at work. I have attached a statement from my manager concerning this time.

I have also attached my latest billing statement as well as a copy of the $14.48 purchase receipt from Clock & Company.

I would like to have the second charge removed from my account.

Marvin Harris