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Letter Asking Insurance Company About Special Needs Benefits

Henry Mack
Independent Insurance Agency
Hometown OH

Lynn Mi Sun
Fortune Insurance Company
Policy Number 000-000-000ADK

Dear Henry

Our mother has come to a point in her life where she can no longer wait to have medical professionals when there is an emergency or serious crisis. This past week she suffered a heart attack, and while not serious, this now requires her to remain either seated or lying down for hours of the day. Our physician has recommended that we hire a home visiting nurse to check on her twice a week.

This last time it was not. Fortune Insurance allows a copayment of $15 for use of generic drugs to fill prescriptions. They charge a sliding scale of up to $45 for name brand drugs. I am guessing my husband did not notice the charge when he picked up the prescription for me. I do not like paying for pretty little pills and fancy TV advertising.

I would like to ask if you could look over my mother's policy to see if any contingency such as this is covered, and to what degree. Please advise us as to what actions we can take through her coverage with Fortune Insurance.

Juilet Freed