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Letter asking for pickup of donated items

Community Outreach of Hometown
P.O. Box 555
Hometown OH

Dear Outreach Supervisor

My wife and I are moving from our house at the address listed above. We are moving to a much smaller location in Pennsylvania sometime in June. Because of this move, there will be a list of items which we will no longer have space or need for. A number of items including furniture, clothing, and household items are being left behind. There is also lawn and garden equipment. We have been considering offering these items to anyone who would have need of them; then we realized your organization would know just who might benefit most from our donation. So, we decided to contact you.

The problem is that we cannot have these items delivered to you as we are already in the process of moving and will be out of the house within days. I am enclosing the spare key so your workers can enter and remove anything left behind. I am also authorizing this in writing so there is no trouble.

I hope these items can be put to good use for someone who is in honest need of them.

Marvin Meely