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Letter announcing increase in dues

To the Members of the Eastside Garden and Flower Society

This past Friday the Board of Directors had its monthly organizational meeting. At this time the Board reviewed the budget for the upcoming year. Unfortunately expenses have risen to outpace current incoming dues. While there is enough to cover remaining expenses for the remainder of the budget year, our auxiliary fund has been depleted. For this reason, the Board has voted to raise membership dues to offset rising costs.

This is the first increase in membership dues since 2000.

The goals and plans which were presented by both the Board and club members are ambitious and will need added revenue to bring into reality. Accordingly the Board has decided that an increase of ten percent per person will be enacted with this next year's memebership dues. This will raise the current individual membership dues from $110 to $121, and family membership dues from $200 to $220.

We are hoping this does not greatly affect our membership and that everyone will continue to be a valued contributor to the Eastside Garden and Flower Society. If there are any questions, or concerns regarding this increase, please let one of the Board members know.


Kathlyn Decker