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Letter agreeing to provide political introductions

Matt Hallow
Hometown TN

Dear Matt

I know you would be a find candidate for County Commissioner. And I think your chances are at the higher end of the scale. I would be happy to do what I can to help you in seeking election to the office.

Although I can speak for myself, I cannot address the ability to speak for the Hometown Citizen's Association before the board members allow an endorsement. I can tell you that I would be glad to sponsor you. As Chairman of the Association Board of Directors, I can say that I can at least push for your endorsement among the members.

I know from our previous conversations, informal as they have been, that you agree with our platform and vision for the county and community. Our vision of fiscal responsibility and open government are in line with the common citizens such as yourself. I have enclosed this letter with our most recent newsletter to our members.

We have been searching for a common man to represent the people of this county, and with your expertise and integrity to run for office. Call me next week and we will arrange a lunch meeting.

Rachael Johns