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Complaint letter concerning unleashed dogs

Animal Control Enforcement
Hometown OH

Dear Animal Control Officer

I wish to report a set of aggressive dogs which roam our neighborhood on a near daily basis.

Starting about three weeks ago, a couple moved into the neighborhood with two black dogs, one mixed breed and one Wolfhound. I discovered their presence as I was walking with my husband after dinner when, as we passed their yard, the two dogs came quickly out of the yard. My husband yelled an order for them to stay, which they ignored. The owner heard the noise and came out to retrieve the dogs. He never looked or spoke to us.

Other incidents such as ours have occurred as well. A ten year old child, who lives across the street from the dogs, came out to retrieve a ball. The dogs came out of their yard after the same ball and the child ran into her house. Fortunately the dogs stopped at the gate to her yard. Another incident occurred when another man was walking his Black Lab and the two dogs came running after them as the man and dog passed the yard. The man's dog came close to being entangled in a nasty fight to protect his owner.

I know that there are leash and animal control laws for our community. Either these dogs or their owners are in violation of them, or are ignorant of their existence. I would appreciate it if you could follow up on this situation. Their address is 200 Street Road.

Adam Sand