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Example of Lesson Plan on Writing a Letter

Example of Lesson Plan on Writing a Letter

Topic: How to write a letter?

Content: Proper headings, Addressing an envelope, How to write the letter in a professional manner, Spelling, Grammar.


The students will be able to complete this project in a one hour window. They will also be able to do so in groups without petty hasteling, and to keep on task. By using there groups the hope is that they will help each other with spelling and grammar by asking questions of there peers and by proof reading each others material.


Paper, pencils, envelopes, overhead

Reference Link:



The students will first be given a lecture on the overhead about how to properly address an envelope. They need to take notes on this. The content of what they will need in the letter will then be explained. After the lecture the students will then get into there groups, of four, and work on there letters. They will have twenty minutes to finish this. The letters and addressed envelopes will then be passed onto one of there peers, in there groups, to be proofread, ten minutes. Once handed back the students will then rewrite there letters. They have twenty minutes to finish before the assignment is turned in.

Lesson Proper:

The students will be given an explanation of the assignmnet. Once in there groups they will hopefully model each other and learn how to use each other as references as well as gaining proper group skills.


The students will practice by rewriting there letters.


A mini lecture after completion of the "Writing a letter" group project and before the worksheet to check for understanding and answer any questions.


The measure of progress will be comparing the students rough draft of there letter to there test. If there is improvement then there is progress