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Example of Art Lesson Plan-Integrating Cognitive Skills

Art Lesson Plan-Integrating Cognitive Skills

    Provided with art materials the pupil is able to:
    1. color the shapes appropriately
    2. Develop memory and visual identification skills of shapes.

    • Art Area


    1. The pupils will be asked to be in their proper seats and be prepared for their art activity.
    2. The pupils will then are given the materials needed but will be set aside first and they will be asked to listen to the instruction of the teacher.
    3. The pupil will be shown examples of what colors will be applied to a particular shape (red for heart, blue for square, etc.)
    4. After saying the instructions and providing them the demo of what exactly they will be doing, teacher will let the pupils do the artwork all by themselves.
    5. The pupil will first draw at least 7 shapes.
    6. They will color it according the designated color assigned to it.
    7. The pupils will clean up their table and their working area.

    Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitive_skill

  4. Materials
    • Bond paper
    • Crayons/colored pencils
    • Pencil
    • Sharpener
    • Newspaper
    • Rug

    1. The teacher will observe those pupils who cannot respond well to instructions.
    2. The teacher will also mount the instruction to the board so that anything unclear to them can be referred to such visual aid.
    3. The teacher will repeat instructions if necessary.
    4. The teacher will give rewards to those who can successfully follow instructions by giving praises or tapping the back or even a sincere smile will do.
    5. The teacher will always room around the art area to check if they really did their artworks.
    6. The teacher will give rewards to those pupils who perform excellent and stars for those who performed still at their best.