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Example of Different Character Traits Lesson Plan

Different Character Traits Lesson Plan
Time/ Section Grade IV
  • Identify the different character traits
  • Appreciate the uses and importance of the traits
  • Formulate a simulation of a particular trait
Subject Matter/Reference/ Materials
Learning Activities

A. Lesson Proper:

  • Introducing pictures showing different traits
  • Allow the students to give another situation which indicates a child having a good character trait.
  • Discussion
    1. Be Honest. Tell the truth; be sincere; don't mislead or withhold key information in relationships of trust; don't steal.
    2. Demonstrate integrity. Stand up for your beliefs about right and wrong; be your best self; resist social pressure to do wrong.
    3. Keep promises. Keep your word and honor your commitments; pay your debts and return what you borrow.
    4. Be loyal. Stand by family, friends, employers, community and country; don't talk about people behind their backs.
    5. Be responsible. Think before you act; consider consequences; be accountable and 'take your medicine'.
    6. Pursue excellence. Do your best with what you have; don't quit easily.
    7. Be kind and caring. Show you care through generosity and compassion; don't be selfish or mean.
    8. Treat all people with respect. Be courteous and polite; judge all people on their merits; be tolerant, appreciative and accepting of individual differences.
    9. Be fair. Treat all people fairly; be open-minded; listen to others and try to understand what they are saying and feeling.
    10. Be a good citizen. Obey the law and respect authority; vote, volunteer your efforts; protect the environment.

These principles are also an excellent basis for developing a Personal Value System. As mentioned, you can't go wrong by using them to guide your actions. They can help you develop solid friendships, a good career and a foundation of good reputation and integrity.

  • Giving of sentences with an appropriate character trait.
  • The class will be grouped into 7 from which they will simulate a situation of a child that has a good character trait.