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Example of Computer Lesson Plan

Computer Grade 1 Level

    1. Tell how computing devices have changed through the years;
    2. Name the different inventors of computing devices; and
    3. Describe the different kinds of computers used today.

    1. The Story of Computers
    Computer Lesson Plan Example

    1. Begin by asking the pupils to recite or sing the rhyme 'Ten Little Indians.'
    2. Ask the pupils to recite the rhyme with action using their fingers. Ask: What words describe the Indians? How many Indians are there?
    3. Ask the pupils to count with their fingers.
    4. Explain that the early people counted things around them using their fingers, too.
    5. Ask the pupils to add and subtract using their fingers.
    6. Show an abacus. Demonstrate how to add and subtract using the abacus.
    7. Let pupils take turns in performing addition and subtraction using the abacus.
    8. Introduce the term device. Explain that the abacus is a device that helps them do things easier and faster.
    9. Discuss other devices that they use to do things easier and faster.
    10. Discuss how computing devices developed through the years with the help of enlarged pictures from the book.
    11. Instruct the pupils to match the picture of each computing device with its inventor.
    12. Draw a time line on the board. Have the pupils place the pictures in their proper places in the timeline.
    13. Guide the pupils in doing Activity in their text book.
    1. Quiz
    2. Oral Recitation
    3. Group activity
    4. Hands-On Activity