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Example of English Grade 2 Lesson Plan

English Lesson Plan Grade 2 Example
  1. Objective/s:
    1. Use courteous expressions in appropriate situation.
    2. Ask and answer questions about oneself/ others using short forms.
    3. Copy sentences, observing correct form, capitalization, punctuation and spelling.

  2. Subject matter:
    1. Greeting others: Asking and answering questions about oneself/ others
    2. Integration: Character Education: Politeness or using courteous words

  3. Materials/References:
    1. English handbook.
      English book
    2. Pictures of 2 pupils talking, charts for dialogue, generalization
      And some exercises

  4. Procedure:
    1. Motivation:
      What courteous expressions can we use in greeting others?
      How do we ask ones name? Age, grade, school? Teacher?
      How do we answer these questions?
    2. Presentation:
      1. Reading of a dialogue (like the following):
      2. Michael: Hi! How are you? I'm Michael Gonzales.
        What's your name?
        Mary Grace: Hello, Michael! My name is Mary Grace Rosales.
        Michael How old is you?
        Mary Grace: I'm eight years old. How about you?
        Michael: I'm eight years old to. What grade are you in?
        Mary grace: I'm in grade too. Are you in grade too also?
        Michael: Yes I am. What school are you in?
        Mary grace: I'm in Colegio de Salitran.what school are you in?
        Michael: I'm in Colegio de Salitran, too.
        Mary grace: Who is your teacher?
        Michael: My teacher is Miss Cruz. Is she your teacher too?
        Mary grace: Yes, she is
      3. Pupils read the dialogue after the teacher.
      4. Boys read Michael dialogue, girls read Mary Grace.

    3. Oral Practice:
      Tell the pupils to get a partner
      1. Practice greetings
      2. Practice greetings with asking and answering questions?
        About oneself/others.
    4. Lead in:
      Let the children open their book on English and let them read the questions.
    5. Elicitation:
      What do you call the sentences read?
      How are the beginning words written?
      What is at the end of asking sentences?

    6. Generalization:
      We use to polite expressions in greetings others:
      Hi! Hello!
      How are you? I'm fine too
      Good morning /afternoon /evening.
      I'm fine, thank you. How about you?
      An asking sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a question mark.
    7. Written Practice: (Seatwork and Board Work)
      Copy the asking sentences correctly in your notebook.

  5. Evaluation:
    Match the questions with the answers.
         ____1. What school are you in?          A. My name is IrishTecson.
    _____2. How old are you? B. My teacher is Miss Conales
    _____3. What is your name? C. I'm in grade two
    _____4.Who is your teacher? D. I'm eight years old
    _____5.What grade are you in? E. I'm in Santa Fe Elementary School