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Example of English Lesson Plan-Increase Ones Speaking Vocabulary

English Lesson Plan-Using Nouns: Singular and Plural
  1. Objective/s:
    1. Increase ones speaking vocabulary.
    2. Ask and answer questions about oneself/ others using short answer forms.
    3. Use capital letter in writing names, addresses, the beginning of the sentence.

  2. Subject matter:
    1. Using live In/On/At
      Writing names and addressers
    2. Integration:
      Character Education: Resourcefulness

  3. Materials/Reference
    1. ENGLISH Handbook
      Telling Where One Lives. English Book
    2. Pictures and charts

  4. Procedure:
    1. Presentation/ listening to a dialogue: Teacher reads aloud the dialogue, while pupils listen.
    2. Reading aloud (by selected pupils):
    3. Comprehension Check: Who lives in Las Pinas City?
      On what street does Sarah live?
      What is Sarah exact address?
    4. Lead in:
      I live in Pinas City.
      Angel Lopez lives in Brgy. San Simon
      My parents and I used to live in Pampanga.
      I Live on I Fr. Diego Cerra Street, Las Pinas City.
      They live on Quezon Avenue.
      I Live at 345-B, Fr.Diego Cerra Street, Las Pinas City
      She lives at 50 Narra Street, kamuning, Quezon City.
    5. Elicitation:
      What follows the underlined words?
      When do we use live in? Live at?
      What words use in capital letters?
      What punctuation mark is at the end of these telling sentences?
    6. Oral practice: Get a partner. Ask where your partner lives in/on/at.
    7. Generalities:
      Use: Live in a city town, barangay, country
      Live on the street, an avenue, a boulevard
      Live at exact addresses (the number of ones house,
    8. Written Exercise:
      Copy and complete the following sentences. Use capital letters correctly.
      I Live in_____________
      I live on_____________
      I Live at_____________
    9. Value integration:
      Suppose no one fetched you, or you were left by your jeepney service after school, what would you do? Whom should you approach for help? How will you tell them your address?

  5. Evaluation: Complete the sentences. Write in on or at.
    1. Marvin lives ___Roxas Boulevard.
    2. My friend, Irma, lives ___St. Dominic Street.
    3. I would like to live ___Baguio City.
    4. The doctor's lives ___12 -B, Gumamela, Greenhills Village.
    5. Jeremy and his parent's lived__the united states for many years.

  6. Assignment: Write 5 sentences telling where your friends live.