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Example of Science Lesson Plan-Kinds of Tastes

Example of Science Lesson Plan-Kinds of Tastes
  1. Objectives

    At the end of the session, 90% of the students will be able to:
    1. identify the 4 basic kinds of tastes
    2. give examples on the different kinds of tastes

  2. Subject Matter
    1. Subject: Science
    2. Grade Level: Grade 3
    3. Topic: Kinds of Tastes
    4. Teaching Strategy: Multi- sensory Approach
    5. Materials:
      Lemon Iodized Salt Ampalaya
      Sugar Vinegar Coffee Powder
      Chocolate Blindfold
    6. Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taste

  3. Procedure:
    1. Preliminary Activity
      1. The pupils will be grouped into 4 groups.
      2. Each group will be given different samples which they will identify. Sample A: Salt and Chippy
        Sample B: Chocolate and Sugar
        Sample: Coffee Powder and Ampalaya
        Sample D: Vinegar and Lemon
      3. They will choose a representative who would be blindfolded.
      4. The members of the group will let the representative to taste the samples given.
      5. The representative will identify the taste of the samples.
    2. Lesson Proper
      1. The teacher will call one representative to describe the taste of each of the samples.
      2. The teacher will present the different kinds of tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter.
      3. The teacher will ask volunteers to give other examples of food which are sweet, salty, sour or bitter.
      4. The teacher will then call 4 other pupils to "act out" the facial expression of a person who has eaten either a sweet, salty, bitter, or sour food and the pupils will guess which kind of taste their classmate has tasted.
    3. Review
      1. The teacher will again present the 4 Kinds of Tastes: sweet, sour, salty, or bitter.
      2. As the teacher reads aloud the description, the pupils will follow after him/ her.
    4. Evaluation
      The pupils will group the following foods according to their taste:
    5. raw mango patis cotton candy medicine tablet cake
      tea salt vinegar chocolate chicharon
      Sweet Sour Salty Bitter
    6. Assignment
      List down the different kinds of food that you ate for supper/ dinner and identify the taste of each of those foods. Write it in your science notebook.