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Example of Mathematics Lesson Plan:Grade-1

Example of Mathematics Lesson Plan:Grade-1
  1. Learning Objectives:
    1. Cognitive Domain:
      • compare sets using the expression less than, more than and as many as
      • identify sets with more or less objects
      • arrange sets from least to the greatest
    2. Psychomotor Domain:
      • form sets more than the given objects or less than the given objects
    3. Affective Domain:
      • show cooperation in every group activity

  2. Subject Matter:

    Less Than, More Than, As Many As / Arranging Sets from Least to Greatest ( VICE VERSA )
    Book: Integrative Mathematics pages 8 - 19
    Materials: picture of animals, number cards, manila paper

  3. Procedures:
    1. Oral Drill: Pupils are going to read the following: > is read as greater than, < is read as less than and = is read as equal to
    2. Review: Counting 0-20.
    3. Development of the lesson:
      1. Motivation: Did you know that you have 2 sets of teeth?
        • Show them the teeth of baby and an adult. Explain further.
      2. Presentation of the Lesson:
        • Let them look at the pictures of the animals. How many feet does each animal have?
        • Let them compare the number of feet.
        • Let them draw 2 sets of objects on a paper. Ask: Can you please check the set with more objects and mark an X with less number of objects.
        • Discussion on More and Less Than.
        • Board Exercises. Write >, < or = this time using numerals.

        Ex. 5 _____2

        • Game activity : Where should you go? Imagine that they are sharks and they are very hungry. Paste <,> on the chair and give then 2 numbers. Ex. The teacher says 15 and 21. They will go to the chair where < is pasted.

        SECOND DAY: Place some numerals on the board with pictures on it. 5 7 4 6 8 Can you arrange the sets from least to greatest?

        • Have more exercises on the board using sets with pictures.
        • try using the numerals this time.
        • More seatworks.
    4. Generalization: Can you tell me when are we going to use the symbol >, < and =?
    5. Application: Let them answer some exercises in the book.
    6. Recap or Wrap Up Activity: Ask series of question based on the story learned.

  4. Evaluation:
    1. Compare the following and write <,> or =. Ex. 16 _____ 18
    2. Arrange the numerals for least to greatest. 12 16 15 14 13

  5. Home Activity:

    Answer Activity 5 on Integrative Math page 12.