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Example of What a Resume Looks Like

A resume is a tool that helps an employer to make the decision of whether or not they should hire you. Simply put, a resume can make or break the deal so its vital you take the steps necessary to ensure you create a brilliant resume that displays you and your skills in the best light. A general resume has the following sections:

Objective. Describes what position you would like with the company and why.

Summary: This section is optional, but you will want to list any projects you have completed, strengths and skills you feel are important for the position.

Work History. Contains volunteer work, summer work, internships, externships, co-ops, and any experience you feel would help you have a better chance at landing the job.

Education. Enter any educational institutions you may have attended here. If your GPA was a 3.0 or greater, feel free to list that as well.

Awards, Recognitions, Memberships. This section speaks for itself. Enter any recognitions you have received.

References. List the names and contact information of those who can speak well of you and will increase your chances of getting the job.

Examples of What a Resume Looks Like: