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Example of Executive Summary

What is an Executive Summary?

An Executive Summary is a brief description of the contents of a larger report. The Executive Summary is located in the beginning of a report, generally after the table of contents. This summary provides a brief overview of the details of each section of a report or other lengthy document. This enables the reader to review the report details if there is not enough time to read the entire report.

How to write an Executive Summary

An Executive Summary is short in length; it should not be much longer than a page. The descriptions should be short for each element of the report, 1 or two sentences briefly describing each critical section of the report.

Example Executive Summary

  • Company decided to streamline customer service policies and establish new policies focused on a 'Customer First' perspective
  • Customer Complaint Department established in 2007
  • Established Customer Call Agent training program developed by top past agents and management using modern technology and service methods
  • Customer Call Agent Training Program details - training methods, business product repair/first level support training, call monitoring policies revised, and customer conflict escalation procedures
  • Employee Training manual rewritten to emphasize new techniques and training methods
  • Improvements monitored by a continuous evaluations of call center agents and other changed processes
  • Reporting of benefits earned, savings to the company and other growth as a result of these changes

Some tips to remember when writing an Executive Summary

  • Write the executive summary last, after the report has been written, this will make it easier to summarize the different sections of the Executive Summary
  • Only summarize the important sections of the report, using bullets to separate and enhance the presentation of the Executive Summary