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Example of Glass Ceiling

The glass ceiling is a description of a situation in which a person or group can't progress to a higher position in employment or social status. The expression was originally coined to describe the fact that women weren't promoted to higher management positions in corporations. That concept has extended itself to refer to a range of similar situations in other contexts, like the absence of members of ethnic groups in positions of authority or in employment or social demographics.

An economic term, ''glass ceiling'' is a phrase that refers to the situation where a person with superior skill or experience is surpassed and locked in a job role due to their race, ethnicity, sex or other discriminatory factors, most commonly race or sex. This term has also recently been used to describe discrimination against other groups including deaf, gay/lesbian men and women, blind, and different age groups.

Different types of glass ceiling barriers:

  • Different wages for the same or comparable work
  • Discrimination against people due to their race, ethnicity, religion or age
  • A lack of family-friendly work environments
  • Discrimination against people who may be gay, single parents, or non-parents
  • Gender stereo-typing or preconceptions of women's work roles and abilities
  • Requirement of long hours for advancement

Examples of Glass Ceiling:

Lack of women in senior office in politics in the US.

Lack of minority groups holding government office, globally.

Although Mary had the dedication and desire, she could not work the long hours required to advance with that company since she was a single mother.

Frank was surpassed year after year for the job of supervisor, by younger men, even though he had seniority and tenure.

The management team at Greene Industry was known for its mistreatment and lack of support towards its women work force. Women made up a majority of their secretary staff, but were never advanced beyond that position or hired in management positions.


Image Example of Glass Ceiling:

The sign of the headquarters of the national association opposed to woman suffrage(Glass ceiling tends to affect working women the most).

Glass ceiling in great hall of hockey hall of fame.

National taiwan museum stained glass ceiling.

Canal walk glass ceiling.