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General bill of sale, payment in full

Date of Sale: March 7, 2009

This letter shall constitute the entire agreement between Hank Small (the Seller) and Harrey Fishwhine (the Buyer) for the sale of the following:

ONE (1) Sea Bass Fiberglass Fishing Boat

The full purchase price of the item(s) listed is settled at $500. The Buyer has paid the Seller the full purchase price of the item(s) as agreed by both parties.
The Buyer is entitled and shall take immediate possession of the item(s) listed.
The Seller warrants that (s)he is the legal owner of the item(s) listed and that such item(s) is/are free of any liens or encumbrances.
The Seller believes, and presents, the item(s) in GOOD condition with the exception of any known defects as listed below:


The Seller disclaims any implied or expressed warranty of condition, salability, or fitness for a certain use stated by any third party. The item(s) is/are sold in AS IS condition.

Sellers Name: Hank Small
Sellers Address: 1212 Town Street, Hometown PA

Buyers Name: Harrey Fishwhine
Buyers Address: 1511 Town Street, Hometown PA

Buyer Signature:

Seller Signature:
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